How Your Local Council Works

There are three tiers of local government operating in Newark. Nottinghamshire County Council, (based in Nottingham) Newark & Sherwood District Council (based at Castle House) and Newark Town Council (based in the Town Hall Newark).

All three types of local council are run by democratically elected Councillors. The County has responsibility for mainly strategic matters such as Education, Highways and Social Services. The District looks after more local issues such as Refuse collection, Leisure centres and Planning control.

Newark Town Council:

The Town Council is responsible for making decisions on behalf of the local community about more local services. It is the only organisation whose sole remit is the interests of Newark and its residents. The 18 Members of the Newark Town Council, who are elected every four years, can help directly or indirectly on a number of local issues.

In Newark’s case these include matters such as:

  • Advocacy for the economic development of Newark
  • The Civic Duties of the Town Mayor
  • The operation of the cemetery
  • Provision of allotments
  • The organisation of events & festivals
  • Town Twinning and Tourism arrangements
  • We are a statutory consultee on planning applications
  • Operator of a registered Museum & Art Gallery
  • Venue for conferences, events, meetings, weddings & celebrations
  • Managing the Town’s Public Conveniences

Powers and Duties:

The Town Council actually has many powers to carry out a range of functions, either directly, on behalf of or instead of other Councils, but chooses not to do so in order to avoid duplication and confusion.

There are however, some matters which they have both the power and the duty to carry out. For example the Newark Town Council has the power, but not the duty, to operate markets, public baths, bus shelters, provide commons, community centres, repair footpaths, light roads, provide litter bins, hold a lottery and run sports grounds to name a few.

Most of these roles are fulfilled by the District and County Councils but could be delivered by the Town Council or in partnership with each other.