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Submitted on 07 August 2020 by Helen Crossland


Newark's Innovative proposals to create higher skilled jobs and educational pathways sent to Government

IMPROVING skills, boosting business and opening new educational pathways for young people is one of the main focuses of Newark's 'Town Investment Plan,' which was submitted to the Government by Newark Towns Fund Board last week.

In an ambitious bid to secure up to £25 million funding from the Government, the Board of more than 40 private and public businesses and bodies identified several priority projects which could transform Newark if the bid is successful.

Projects identified would meet the challenges of employers in key growth sectors, such as construction, logistics, distribution, artificial intelligence (AI) and digital, aviation engineering, food and drink and agriculture, and provide opportunites for skilled employment.

One project would see the development of the country's first International Air and Space Training Institute (IASTI) to train the next generation of skills-matched aviation professionals, including pilots, astronauts, engineers and ground staff.

The initiative is being led by Lincoln Gollect Group (LCG) with support by Aviation 360, a UK based independent advisory and consultancy organisation, and in co-operation with ENGAP UK.

Educational pathways into the construction industry would also be opened through a college expansion project, also being led by LCG, which would see 600 students enrolled in courses in plumbing, bricklaying, joinery and stonemasonry.  The construction college would give students practical skills to make them more employable and would also provide opportunities for businesses to retrain and up-skill their workforce.

Taking advantage of how well-connected Newark is, a further project put forward for consideration would see the creation of a new 'Smart Innovation, Supply Chain and Logistics Enterprise Zone' to drive innovation and growth in the supply chain and logistics sector.  The initiative would provide access to skills development and career pathways, through courses in digital innovation, smart business models, managing the digital supply chain, data analytics for smart manufacturing, logistics management, cybersecurity and new technologies.

In plans to connect with those most in need, a diverse and community-inspired mix of facilities, including sports and leisure facilities and programmes, PC labs, music and art spaces, conferencing and function facilities, childcare and a wellbeing and health delivery service suite, would be provided through the YMCA Newark and Sherwood Community and Activity Village.  Meeting future learning, employment and leisure needs, the Village would benefit local people of all ages, backgrounds and cultures.

Councillor David Lloyd, Co-Chair of the Towns Fund Board and Leader of Newark and Sherwood District Council, said: "It's been great to see a high level of engagement and commitment from educational and learning institutions and employers in supporting Newark to open up opportunities for skilled employment.

Our vision is to transform Newark into a place that gives people the opportunity to fulfil their learning potential, access higher education and be recruited into exciting jobs, while also giving local employers access to a highly qualified and work-ready workforce."

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